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Brain Rules Book PDF: Hello friends, In this post, we will provide a pdf format of Brain Rules Book in the English language. this book is written by John Medina. So you can download it in the link given below and enjoy it!!

This book does a tremendous job of distilling scientific research on how the brain works and presenting it in a neat, organized manner. While there is obviously a common unifying theme that runs through the book, each chapter is self-contained in that it covers a single topic and the research around it.

Many of the studies have been replicated dozens of times., except in those cases where there is not sufficient research, which the author points that out himself. For the sake of context, here are the rules:-

  1. Exercise – get the butt off the couch; it may help you think straight and live longer
  2. Survival – our brains evolved to help us survive in the Savannah, to avoid becoming food. The rest is detail.
  3. Wiring
  4. Attention – we cannot pay attention for more than 15 minutes at a time…
  5. Short-term memory – remember the magic number seven, plus or minus two.
  6. Long-term memory – it can take years, even decades for some memories to truly become embedded in our brains.
  7. Sleep – the less sleep you get, the dumber you can get. Really. A short nap in the afternoon can do wonders for our concentration and productivity. A siesta is really not a bad idea. Workplaces refer to these as post-lunch meetings.
  8. Stress – it’s not good for your heart, it’s not good for your brain.
  9. Sensory integration
  10. Vision – our eyes can deceive us. Our eyes have evolved to help us survive, first. Ogling came much later.
  11. Gender – yes, there are some differences that can be explained by gender. But do not believe the ancients, like Aristotle who remarked, “… the female is an impotent male…”
  12. Exploration

This Brain Rules PDF book is also an attempt to disabuse people against what are mostly urban myths and plausible-sounding theories of brain development, peddled by marketers with noble and not-so noble intentions.

Book NameBrain Rules
Total Pages304
AuthorJohn Medina 
PublisherPear Press

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